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HZSetups PRO PFX AdamLZ RTR Ford Mustang setup

HZSetups PRO PFX AdamLZ RTR Ford Mustang setup

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Polarfox Ford Mustang RTR AdamLZ PRO tier setups.

Setups for:

  • PFX Ford Mustang RTR AdamLZ
    Alan "HynesZ" Hynes has perfected his craft in drift tuning of cars in video games for over a decade. With 4 eSports drift championships wins, 25+ drift competition wins and 50+ podiums in eSports and real drift competitions - HynesZ has perfected his skill and knowledge to develop event, and championship winning drift setups. HynesZ-Setups improves drift pilots skill by increasing driver confidence, precision and skill resulting in drift battle wins!

    HynesZ-Setups "Pro Packs" are ideal for drift pilots that are experienced in drifting on Assetto Corsa, and looking for the extra competitive edge. The HynesZ-Setups PRO setup aims to make the car faster at greater angles, faster transitions and more predictable steering.

    This is achieved by doing the following:
    • Tyre pressure
    • Gearing
    • Fuel
    • Camber
    • Toe
    • Damping
    • Spring Rate
    • Ride height
    • Anti Roll Bar

    These setup changes help the driver gain confidence and improve skill by providing a correctly setup car to learn the important aspects of drift competition. It also provides many other benefits such as:

    • Improved stability (angle)
    • Improved response (transition)
    • Increased Drift speed
    • Predictable initiations

    Please be aware these are generic setups to work across most tracks. There will be certain track layouts that may require more setup changes. If you are looking for a specific drift setup for a track or your private competition Assetto Corsa car - please email setups@hynesz.com for inquires. 

    Please note this is a non-refundable product. If you have any issues, please contact setups@hynesz.com.
    This is a purchasable setup file for the PFX AdamLZ Ford Mustang RTR. You can download the PFX AdamLZ Ford Mustang RTR car for Assetto Corsa for FREE on Polarfox Youtube video (description):